2023 SATURDAY COMPETITION KICKS OFF – Saturday 21 January 2023

Twenty two players competed today in the January Saturday Competition to get the new season on the way. All handicaps had been wiped out and there was $44 in the prize kitty.

Peter took out the competition with a score of 26 (and he had 11 points scored against him over the two games), after a count back from Jacques (14 points scored against him) and Melissa (15 points scored by the opposing teams). Peter now has a handicap of one point, to be deducted from his score for ensuing competitions during 2023.

Great weather and great company. Our February Saturday Competition will be held on 18 February.

Peter, January Saturday Competition Winner

DECEMBER SATURDAY COMPETITION – and final results for the Laurie Anderson Trophy

Twenty five players (making $50 prize money) took part in December’s Saturday Competition today. After the two timed games, six players had the perfect score of 26 points. Two of them, Heike and Marty had won a previous competition, so their handicap had to be deducted from their score. That left a countback to be done for Jan, Richard H, Dee and Ha’s scores to determine the winner. Richard H and Dee both had 18 points scored against them, Jan had 14 points scored against her and Ha came out the winner with 12 points against her. So, Ha went home with very heavy pockets, weighed down by the prize money. Congratulations and well done Ha.

Then the winner of the Laurie Anderson Trophy had to be decided. During 2022 there have been 50 different players take part in the competition and Lee was the only player to have played every month. Before today’s games Melissa led the field with 210 points, followed by Michael with 200 points and Lee close behind with 196 points. Once today’s games were added, Melissa was the clear winner with 234 points, Michael second with 219 points and Lee third with 204 points and Laurie was in attendance to present the trophy.

CONGRATULATIONS Melissa and thank you to all participants during the years. Our next Saturday Competition will be on 21 January when all handicaps will have been deleted and everyone starts off with a clean slate.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH – The good times keep on keeping on!!

A wonderful hot Christmas lunch was enjoyed by about 60 members in the Clubrooms today and thanks must be given to those who planned, shopped, cooked, heated, stirred, set up, cleaned up, washed dishes, packed away etc etc etc.

We dined on turkey, pork and ham, accompanied by roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, pumpkin, peas and ham, baked onions, baked brussel sprouts, seasoning, apple sauce and gravy. Dessert was Plum Pudding (thanks, Glenis) or pavlova (thanks, Kym) and there were cherries to accompany these. Throw in a couple of group Carols, led by Glenis, and a good time was had by all.


We dined like Kings and Queens, the Spring Melee Winner was announced and entertainment was provided – all with Club members dressed in their finest Christmas gear. The elves had visited to decorate the clubrooms, which added wonderfully to the atmosphere. It was a BIG NIGHT!!

Ha was the winner of the Spring Melee, with Van second and Melissa third and their prize money was ready for collection.

Our night had opened with an amazing array of Appetisers before the first game of the Summer Melee was played. The Appetisers could have been our dinner as they included blinis, crab and apple wrapped in cucumber, crumbed fish and all manner of nibbles and other delicacies. Then it was inside to a sumptuous main course of magnificent salads, leg ham, chicken roll, two varieties of pastry encased rolls, prawns, pickled octopus, two varieties of home made bread etc etc etc.

During dinner the Christmas Tree was toasted and the hat was passed to gather donations, which this year will be given to a Ukrainian charity.

We had so many keen artists who had prepared items for our entertainment that the second game was put on hold so that the four items could proceed.

The remains of the dinner was cleared and Wendy assembled dessert delicacies which formed a Christmas tree and we enjoyed cream puffs, mini lemon cheesecakes, cherries, grapes, chocolate (all Christmas themed, of course), mini biscuits and gingerbreads, mince pies etc etc etc all finished off with generous sprinkles of gold and silver dust.

Thanks were extended by our President, Gavin, to Wendy and Allan (aka Christmas Crew) who had prepared the food during the day (and to Wendy for the many hours at home spent planning, buying ingredients and baking) and helpers on the night and to everyone who contributed to the entertainment.

A great night was had by all.


Twenty eight triples teams battled out the third round of the Interclub Competition at Gawler in very hostile weather conditions. Fortunately, Gawler provided sufficient cover for players to get out of the rain, but the wind was difficult. At times we had beautiful sunshine, only to lose it with more poor weather. All teams battled through the five untimed games, three to 11 points before lunch and 2 to 13 points after lunch.

Novar Gardens’ team of Bruce, Giselle and Jon Luc took out first place, followed in second place by another Novar Gardens team of Christian Selina and Justin, with Prospect’s Ha, Gavin and Van coming in third.

Many thanks to Gawler for hosting the event and providing refreshments and to Anthony for looking after the draw and scoring. SAPL President, Stan Wilson, presented the prizes to the winning teams.


We were down to 19 competitors for our November Saturday Competition and the weather forecast could be the reason. Unfortunately, the forecasters were correct and our games were delayed a couple of times, but we managed to get both games played.

Well done to the brave players who came out to be part of the action and to Melissa who took the prize money home. We had two players score the maximum score of 26, Melissa and Richard V, and they both had won previously this year, so had a one handicap to be deducted from their score. So, it came down to a countback to decide the winner – Melissa had conceded nine points to her opponents during her two games and Richard V had 15 points scored against him. Melissa now has 2 handicap points to be deducted from her score next month. All handicaps will be erased after December’s competition and everyone will start with a clean slate in January 2023.

The December Saturday Competition will be played on 17 December and the winner of the Laurie Anderson Trophy (which is not impacted by handicaps) will be announced then. December’s games can have a big impact on the results as they stand now and we look forward to some great games then.

Melissa – November Saturday Comp Winner

STATE DOUBLES COMPETITION – held at Prospect on 23 October

Sixty four players fought out the State Doubles Competition at Prospect in very poor weather, with rain falling for most of the day. Our new veranda was very much appreciated by those wanting to miss the weather.

Prospect was well represented when the winners were presented with their trophies following the games. Prospect’s player Ha teamed up with Selina of Novar Gardens and played out the final of the Women’s Doubles against Paula and Penny of FAB to take home the trophy. Congratulations Ha and Selina.

The Open Doubles final was another great game between Alexi (ESP) and Prospect’s Van against ESP’s Lionel & Raja. It was a tight tussle, with Lionel and Raja victorious and Alexi and Van being runners up.

Prospect’s Heike and John Whitehorn took out the Open Consolante competition and the Women’s Consolante was won by Judy (CPA) and Giselle (Novar Gardens).

The Convivial winners were Rob & Brian of Adelaide Hills.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the day, whether it be in preparation, running of the competition and/or catering or packing up. Many hands make light work.


In wonderful weather, the October Saturday Competition was played out by 25 competitors. As it is getting late in the calendar year, seven of the players were out trying to get the prize again while they carried their one point handicap. We also welcomed a couple of visitors from Adelaide Club, Jean and Kenny. Great to have you with us.

After two games, with partners drawn from the bucket for each game, Melissa, Gavin, Allan S, Richard V and Van had the maximum score of 26 points. With the deduction of their handicaps, Melissa, Richard V and Van’s scores went back to 25, leaving the winner to be decided between Gavin and Allan by count back. Both Gavin and Allan had conceded 7 points to their opponents in the first game and 4 points in their second game. So, it was a draw and the $50 prize pool was equally shared and you will see in the photo how happy Gavin and Allan were with their wins.

Well done to all competitors and you will all have another chance in November when we have our next Saturday Competition on 19 November.

October Winners – Allan and Gavin


Five tables of six players settled in to battle out our third Oktoberfest Quiz Night in the clubrooms last evening. Last year’s winners decided to call their table The Defenders and other tables were Dilligafs, The Winners, Mega Minds and That’s Us. After three rounds, The Defenders were leading with 24 points, with the other tables having 23, 22 or 21 points, so a very close competition. Another two rounds saw That’s Us join The Defenders in the lead with 41 points and these two teams were still tied after another two rounds and the end of the questions.

The remaining three teams were then tasked with writing a question for a tie breaker round for The Defenders and That’s Us and it was The Defenders who took out the prize, for the second successive year, but what a close competition.

Many thanks to those who joined in the fun and to Allan and Brett for looking after the bar and to Brett for his contribution to the prizes.

A lot of hands went up to support another Oktoberfest Quiz Night in 2023, so maybe same time, same place next year!!