PRESTIGE CUP – Sunday 14 August

Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving of Main North Road, Nailsworth again sponsored today’s Prestige Cup, for the 26th successive year. The Club is very grateful for this continued support.

The weather did not turn out to be quite as bad as was envisaged early in the day, which allowed the three timed games before lunch to be played in the dry. These games determined who would play in the Principal, Consolante, Convivial and Friendly division Semi and Grand Finals after lunch.

The teams in the Principal division were Marty and Richard, Haejung and Peter, Ray and Pierre and Giselle and Jean Luc, and it was Haejung and Peter who took the trophies home after defeating Giselle and Jean Luc in the Principal Final.

The Consolante division comprised Ha and Van, Sandy and Judith, Judy and Roland and Ernie and Wayne, with Ha and Van being awarded the prize, having defeated Judy and Roland 13-6 in the Grand Final.

Players in the Convivial Semi-Finals were Rada and Domenique, Kym and Allan, David and Dave and Heike and John, and it was Rada and Domenique who won the Grand Final from Heike and John 13-9.

The fourth division was won by Janet and Michael who defeated Miriam and Kathy 13-3 in the Grand Final.

Prizes were also awarded for the Best Performing Women’s team and Best Performing Mixed team (for players who had not won in the top division) and Miriam and Kathy took out the Women’s prize and Janet and Michael were the Mixed team winners.

A good day of friendly competition, and many thanks go to the Club members who assisted with the preparation, conduct and cleaning up as the day could not have been held without their assistance and to Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving for the medals and beautiful engraved glassware that they supplied.

MELEE WINNERS ANNOUNCED – Summer and Autumn Competitions

The winners of the Summer and Autumn Melee Competitions were announced at Wednesday evening’s start to the next season’s competition. David received first prize in the Summer Competition, followed by Brett (Cheryl) second and Marilyn third. The Autumn winners were Van (first), Melissa (2nd) and Brett (3rd). Well done everyone.

The number of competitors was significantly down on the usual number, possibly due to the weather forecast, but we were lucky to only have a very short rain shower and the usual two games were able to be completed.

Thanks are due to Yvonne and Jacques for catering for us, with Dutch Pea and Ham soup, with croutons (a very hearty and delightfully tasty feast), followed by pancakes with strawberry sauce and ice cream. A wonderful winter menu……….and, to add to our feast, Melissa shared her birthday with us with a cheesecake for sharing. We all went home suitably nourished and due to do some extra steps!! Thanks also to anyone who assisted with running the Melee and/or with the kitchen clean up.


During the Annual General Meeting, held in the Clubrooms on Wednesday 27 July, Life Membership was conferred on Marty Verdonk. Marty has been a Committee member since the inception of the Club, was Treasurer for some six years and continues to assist in so many ways. He ensures there is something for people to eat on a Wednesday evening, and organises the food at least twice each month. Marty also puts out and takes in the rubbish bins, and he also ensures the lawns are cut very regularly, particularly if there is to be a competition or function at the Club and he wages a constant war with any weeds that come up in the pistes. He willingly puts his hand up for projects that the Committee undertakes and maintains the clubhouse indoor painting with patch ups when marks are detected.

Congratulations and thanks, Marty, and we all look forward to your company (and assistance) for many more years to come.

Martyn Verdonk, Life Member, with President Allan Sanderson


It was exciting to see such a huge number of players turn out at Prospect Petanque Club today for the first competition of the new season of the South Australian Petanque League Interclub Competition. It was the 20th time the competition was held, a record in the Petanque world of the southern hemisphere. We were very fortunate with the weather with very little wind and just a few drops of rain towards the end of the day.

Thirty three triples teams battled it out in two pools for three untimed games before lunch, up to 11 points and a further two untimed games after lunch up to 13 points. Prospect’s team of Van, Ha and Gavin topped the morning competition and went on to take out the Silver Medal after playing the Gold Medal winners, Deb, Raja and Lionel of Eastern Suburbs Petanque (ESP). The Bronze Medals were won by Rada, Dom and Kenny of Club De Petanque d’Adelaide. Medals were presented by Stan Wilson, President of the South Australian Petanque League.

So, after just one round of the competition, top of the ladder is ESP with 48 points, followed by Prospect with 42 points and third is Club De Petanque d’Adelaide with 30 points.

Many thanks and congratulations are due to all of the Prospect members who assisted with the preparation, facilitation and clearing up for this event. Special thanks to those who managed the kitchen and delivered a three course meal to such a big crowd.

FINAL ROUND OF INTERCLUB COMPETITION 2021-2022 held at Novar Gardens Sunday 26 June – with Prospect the winners

The last round of the South Australian Petanque League was hosted by Novar Gardens Pétanque Club last Sunday 26 June. It was a tight tussle for the final positions with Gavin, Ha & Van of Prospect, 30 points, taking first place, with Kathy, Miriam & Roland (Novar Gardens), 24 points, coming in second while Judy, Giselle & Jean Luc (Novar Gardens) took third place with 21 points.

The top club for 2021-2022 in the SAPL Interclub Competition is Eastern Suburbs Petanque Club, who held a very strong position coming into this final round. Trophies were presented by SAPL’s President, Stan Wilson.

Many thanks to everyone at Novar Gardens Petanque Club for their hospitality and the efforts they put into making the event happen.

MEMORIAL CUP – Sunday 19 June

We remembered members who have passed during Sunday’s Memorial Cup and 22 doubles teams battled it out over 4 games to qualify for the 12 positions available in the Principale, Consolante and Convivale semi-finals.

The Principale Grand Final was won by Van Nguyen (Prospect) and Jean-Luc Gonnet, from Runners Up Gavin and Melissa Scott (Prospect) 13-9.

The Novar Gardens team of Ryan Vinter and Gary Hosie took the honours in the Consolante from Prospect’s Glenis and Stan Wilson, while Ha Nguyen (Prospect) with Haejung Jang battled it out against Prospect’s  Richard Voskamp and Martin Verdonk to take out the Convivial Grand Final, 7-2.

Miriam Pieke and Kathy Gepp were awarded medals and wine as the Best Performing Ladies Team.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the day.


Of the twenty eight players this afternoon, five of them started the competition with a one point handicap, having won a previous Saturday Competition in 2022. It was wonderful to have such a big group of competitors, which brought the prize pool up to $56 – winner takes it all. The three players – Heike, Peter M and Van – who ended the day with the perfect score of 26 all had a one point handicap, so it was up to a count back to decide the winner. Peter M was the clear winner, having had no points scored against him, while Van had 7 points scored against him and Heike conceded 15 points. Peter now has a 2 point handicap for the remainder of 2022. A great competition, in great weather, sheltering under the newly constructed verandah which gives a bright, clean look to the front of the clubrooms.

Then it was into the clubhouse to sing “Happy Birthday” to Marilyn and also to Richard H, and to feast on the tasty cakes provided by Ann. Thank you, Ann.

Our July Saturday Competition will be held on 16 July at 3.00 pm, registrations by 2.55 pm on the day.


Well done to Club de Petanque D’Adelaide for persevering with their 2+1 Competition today in very challenging weather conditions. There was a determined attitude from 36 players as they donned their wet weather gear for three 40 minute games before lunch, and then finals after lunch. Games went to 11 to shorten the time players were in the wet.

The Principale semi-finalists were Gavin, Van and Ha (Prospect) v Peter,HaeJung and Rada (ESP/Adelaide) and Dom, Alain and Joan (Adelaide) v Judy, Giselle and Jean-Luc (Novar Gardens) and the Consolante competition comprised Fran, Dee and Shannon (Adelaide), Lee, Denise and Jan (Prospect), Pete, Sue and Rob and Allan, Sandy and Lynda (Adelaide).

The Novar Gardens team of Judy, Giselle and Jean-Luc took out the Principale prize from Prospect’s Ha, Van and Gavin in a hard fought game which was 7v7 at one point to go to 12 v 11, with Prospect ahead. Then came Jean-Luc’s boule to take out the game 13 v 11 for the Novar Gardens team.

In the Consolante division Lee, Denise and Jan of Prospect took home the wine when they defeated Allan, Sandy and Lynda of Adelaide 13 v 11.

A challenging day weather-wise, but enjoyable nonetheless. Thank you, Club de Petaque D’Adelaide for wonderful hosting yet again.


Work on the new verandah has commenced, with the removal of the old verandah on Thursday and some new fascia boards have been installed. Work was halted on the construction, however, due to a hold up in the delivery of the required materials.

It looks better already!! Thanks to Prospect City Council for their support of this project. We look forward to posting photos of the new construction very shortly.