In wonderful weather, the October Saturday Competition was played out by 25 competitors. As it is getting late in the calendar year, seven of the players were out trying to get the prize again while they carried their one point handicap. We also welcomed a couple of visitors from Adelaide Club, Jean and Kenny. Great to have you with us.

After two games, with partners drawn from the bucket for each game, Melissa, Gavin, Allan S, Richard V and Van had the maximum score of 26 points. With the deduction of their handicaps, Melissa, Richard V and Van’s scores went back to 25, leaving the winner to be decided between Gavin and Allan by count back. Both Gavin and Allan had conceded 7 points to their opponents in the first game and 4 points in their second game. So, it was a draw and the $50 prize pool was equally shared and you will see in the photo how happy Gavin and Allan were with their wins.

Well done to all competitors and you will all have another chance in November when we have our next Saturday Competition on 19 November.

October Winners – Allan and Gavin
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