Five tables of six players settled in to battle out our third Oktoberfest Quiz Night in the clubrooms last evening. Last year’s winners decided to call their table The Defenders and other tables were Dilligafs, The Winners, Mega Minds and That’s Us. After three rounds, The Defenders were leading with 24 points, with the other tables having 23, 22 or 21 points, so a very close competition. Another two rounds saw That’s Us join The Defenders in the lead with 41 points and these two teams were still tied after another two rounds and the end of the questions.

The remaining three teams were then tasked with writing a question for a tie breaker round for The Defenders and That’s Us and it was The Defenders who took out the prize, for the second successive year, but what a close competition.

Many thanks to those who joined in the fun and to Allan and Brett for looking after the bar and to Brett for his contribution to the prizes.

A lot of hands went up to support another Oktoberfest Quiz Night in 2023, so maybe same time, same place next year!!

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