What is “Super Melee” ?

1st Wednesday of each month

  • Doubles by draw
  • 4 rounds of 3 months
  • 2 games of 45 minutes each month
  • Redraw after each game
  • Both team member’s winning and losing scores recorded on score sheet
  • Winner determined by total points divided by games played
  • 4 games minimum to qualify
  • Only $10.00 entry fee per round (3 months)
  • Cash prizes (determined by points differential)

Register at 7pm
Play at 7.30 pm

The more that’s in… the more you win … and the more fun we have

Trophy donated by Master of the “Super-melee” — Alan Matthews

Saturday Competition

3rd Saturday of each month

  • First game at 3.00 pm
  • Registration by 2.55 pm
  • 2 Doubles games, teams drawn from bucket.
  • 45 minute games, 15 minute break. Finish end being played when time called.
  • Entry $2/person, for prize pool.
  • Winner takes all of prize pool.
  • If there is a tie, the winner will be the person with the least number of points scored against them in the two games.
  • Winner gets a handicap point. This will be deducted from their total score for the rest of the calendar year. Handicap is cumulative during year (if person wins two monthly competitions they will have a handicap of 2) and all handicaps will be cleared at the end of the calendar year.

Example: Ginger has won three monthly competitions and today has scores of 13 and 10 for her two games = 23. Her handicap of 3 is deducted from her total score to give a final score of 20 for the day.

If you don’t want to be part of the competition, no problems. Just use the pistes as you would normally and the competition will work around you.