2023 SATURDAY COMPETITION KICKS OFF – Saturday 21 January 2023

Twenty two players competed today in the January Saturday Competition to get the new season on the way. All handicaps had been wiped out and there was $44 in the prize kitty.

Peter took out the competition with a score of 26 (and he had 11 points scored against him over the two games), after a count back from Jacques (14 points scored against him) and Melissa (15 points scored by the opposing teams). Peter now has a handicap of one point, to be deducted from his score for ensuing competitions during 2023.

Great weather and great company. Our February Saturday Competition will be held on 18 February.

Peter, January Saturday Competition Winner

DECEMBER SATURDAY COMPETITION – and final results for the Laurie Anderson Trophy

Twenty five players (making $50 prize money) took part in December’s Saturday Competition today. After the two timed games, six players had the perfect score of 26 points. Two of them, Heike and Marty had won a previous competition, so their handicap had to be deducted from their score. That left a countback to be done for Jan, Richard H, Dee and Ha’s scores to determine the winner. Richard H and Dee both had 18 points scored against them, Jan had 14 points scored against her and Ha came out the winner with 12 points against her. So, Ha went home with very heavy pockets, weighed down by the prize money. Congratulations and well done Ha.

Then the winner of the Laurie Anderson Trophy had to be decided. During 2022 there have been 50 different players take part in the competition and Lee was the only player to have played every month. Before today’s games Melissa led the field with 210 points, followed by Michael with 200 points and Lee close behind with 196 points. Once today’s games were added, Melissa was the clear winner with 234 points, Michael second with 219 points and Lee third with 204 points and Laurie was in attendance to present the trophy.

CONGRATULATIONS Melissa and thank you to all participants during the years. Our next Saturday Competition will be on 21 January when all handicaps will have been deleted and everyone starts off with a clean slate.


We were down to 19 competitors for our November Saturday Competition and the weather forecast could be the reason. Unfortunately, the forecasters were correct and our games were delayed a couple of times, but we managed to get both games played.

Well done to the brave players who came out to be part of the action and to Melissa who took the prize money home. We had two players score the maximum score of 26, Melissa and Richard V, and they both had won previously this year, so had a one handicap to be deducted from their score. So, it came down to a countback to decide the winner – Melissa had conceded nine points to her opponents during her two games and Richard V had 15 points scored against him. Melissa now has 2 handicap points to be deducted from her score next month. All handicaps will be erased after December’s competition and everyone will start with a clean slate in January 2023.

The December Saturday Competition will be played on 17 December and the winner of the Laurie Anderson Trophy (which is not impacted by handicaps) will be announced then. December’s games can have a big impact on the results as they stand now and we look forward to some great games then.

Melissa – November Saturday Comp Winner


In wonderful weather, the October Saturday Competition was played out by 25 competitors. As it is getting late in the calendar year, seven of the players were out trying to get the prize again while they carried their one point handicap. We also welcomed a couple of visitors from Adelaide Club, Jean and Kenny. Great to have you with us.

After two games, with partners drawn from the bucket for each game, Melissa, Gavin, Allan S, Richard V and Van had the maximum score of 26 points. With the deduction of their handicaps, Melissa, Richard V and Van’s scores went back to 25, leaving the winner to be decided between Gavin and Allan by count back. Both Gavin and Allan had conceded 7 points to their opponents in the first game and 4 points in their second game. So, it was a draw and the $50 prize pool was equally shared and you will see in the photo how happy Gavin and Allan were with their wins.

Well done to all competitors and you will all have another chance in November when we have our next Saturday Competition on 19 November.

October Winners – Allan and Gavin

SEPTEMBER SATURDAY COMPETITION – Two winners in poor weather

Sixteen players braved the harsh weather to compete in our September Saturday Competition. Four of these players had handicaps from previous wins during the year – Melissa (1), Richard V (1), Heike (1) and Peter (2), however, these handicaps did not impact on the overall outcome. John and Marty each finished the day with 26 points and a count back did not split them as they both only conceded 4 points to their opponents over the two games. So the kitty was shared by John and Marty.

Many thanks to David for overseeing things.

Our next Saturday competition will be held on 15 October, commencing at 3.00 pm, with registrations by 2.55 pm.

Joint Winners – John and Marty


In wonderful weather, Richard Voskamp took out today’s Saturday Competition and took home the prize kitty. Five players achieved the maximum score of 26 points after two games – Kevin, Richard V, Peter (ESP), Van and John and three of these players had handicaps to be deducted from these scores. This left Richard V and John with 26 points, so it was a countback to decide the winner. John had 11 points scored against him(8 in his first game and 3 in the second game), while Richard V had 10 points scored against him (6 in the first game and 4 in the second game), which gave him the prize. Richard now will join the players who have handicaps for the remainder of 2022.

A great competition, played in great weather and with great comradery.

Our September Saturday Competition will be held on 17 September, at 3.00 pm, with registrations by 2.55 pm.

Richard V – August’s Saturday Competition Winner

PRESTIGE CUP – Sunday 14 August

Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving of Main North Road, Nailsworth again sponsored today’s Prestige Cup, for the 26th successive year. The Club is very grateful for this continued support.

The weather did not turn out to be quite as bad as was envisaged early in the day, which allowed the three timed games before lunch to be played in the dry. These games determined who would play in the Principal, Consolante, Convivial and Friendly division Semi and Grand Finals after lunch.

The teams in the Principal division were Marty and Richard, Haejung and Peter, Ray and Pierre and Giselle and Jean Luc, and it was Haejung and Peter who took the trophies home after defeating Giselle and Jean Luc in the Principal Final.

The Consolante division comprised Ha and Van, Sandy and Judith, Judy and Roland and Ernie and Wayne, with Ha and Van being awarded the prize, having defeated Judy and Roland 13-6 in the Grand Final.

Players in the Convivial Semi-Finals were Rada and Domenique, Kym and Allan, David and Dave and Heike and John, and it was Rada and Domenique who won the Grand Final from Heike and John 13-9.

The fourth division was won by Janet and Michael who defeated Miriam and Kathy 13-3 in the Grand Final.

Prizes were also awarded for the Best Performing Women’s team and Best Performing Mixed team (for players who had not won in the top division) and Miriam and Kathy took out the Women’s prize and Janet and Michael were the Mixed team winners.

A good day of friendly competition, and many thanks go to the Club members who assisted with the preparation, conduct and cleaning up as the day could not have been held without their assistance and to Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving for the medals and beautiful engraved glassware that they supplied.

MEMORIAL CUP – Sunday 19 June

We remembered members who have passed during Sunday’s Memorial Cup and 22 doubles teams battled it out over 4 games to qualify for the 12 positions available in the Principale, Consolante and Convivale semi-finals.

The Principale Grand Final was won by Van Nguyen (Prospect) and Jean-Luc Gonnet, from Runners Up Gavin and Melissa Scott (Prospect) 13-9.

The Novar Gardens team of Ryan Vinter and Gary Hosie took the honours in the Consolante from Prospect’s Glenis and Stan Wilson, while Ha Nguyen (Prospect) with Haejung Jang battled it out against Prospect’s  Richard Voskamp and Martin Verdonk to take out the Convivial Grand Final, 7-2.

Miriam Pieke and Kathy Gepp were awarded medals and wine as the Best Performing Ladies Team.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the day.


Of the twenty eight players this afternoon, five of them started the competition with a one point handicap, having won a previous Saturday Competition in 2022. It was wonderful to have such a big group of competitors, which brought the prize pool up to $56 – winner takes it all. The three players – Heike, Peter M and Van – who ended the day with the perfect score of 26 all had a one point handicap, so it was up to a count back to decide the winner. Peter M was the clear winner, having had no points scored against him, while Van had 7 points scored against him and Heike conceded 15 points. Peter now has a 2 point handicap for the remainder of 2022. A great competition, in great weather, sheltering under the newly constructed verandah which gives a bright, clean look to the front of the clubrooms.

Then it was into the clubhouse to sing “Happy Birthday” to Marilyn and also to Richard H, and to feast on the tasty cakes provided by Ann. Thank you, Ann.

Our July Saturday Competition will be held on 16 July at 3.00 pm, registrations by 2.55 pm on the day.