We dined like Kings and Queens, the Spring Melee Winner was announced and entertainment was provided – all with Club members dressed in their finest Christmas gear. The elves had visited to decorate the clubrooms, which added wonderfully to the atmosphere. It was a BIG NIGHT!!

Ha was the winner of the Spring Melee, with Van second and Melissa third and their prize money was ready for collection.

Our night had opened with an amazing array of Appetisers before the first game of the Summer Melee was played. The Appetisers could have been our dinner as they included blinis, crab and apple wrapped in cucumber, crumbed fish and all manner of nibbles and other delicacies. Then it was inside to a sumptuous main course of magnificent salads, leg ham, chicken roll, two varieties of pastry encased rolls, prawns, pickled octopus, two varieties of home made bread etc etc etc.

During dinner the Christmas Tree was toasted and the hat was passed to gather donations, which this year will be given to a Ukrainian charity.

We had so many keen artists who had prepared items for our entertainment that the second game was put on hold so that the four items could proceed.

The remains of the dinner was cleared and Wendy assembled dessert delicacies which formed a Christmas tree and we enjoyed cream puffs, mini lemon cheesecakes, cherries, grapes, chocolate (all Christmas themed, of course), mini biscuits and gingerbreads, mince pies etc etc etc all finished off with generous sprinkles of gold and silver dust.

Thanks were extended by our President, Gavin, to Wendy and Allan (aka Christmas Crew) who had prepared the food during the day (and to Wendy for the many hours at home spent planning, buying ingredients and baking) and helpers on the night and to everyone who contributed to the entertainment.

A great night was had by all.

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