We dined like Kings and Queens, the Spring Melee Winner was announced and entertainment was provided – all with Club members dressed in their finest Christmas gear. The elves had visited to decorate the clubrooms, which added wonderfully to the atmosphere. It was a BIG NIGHT!!

Ha was the winner of the Spring Melee, with Van second and Melissa third and their prize money was ready for collection.

Our night had opened with an amazing array of Appetisers before the first game of the Summer Melee was played. The Appetisers could have been our dinner as they included blinis, crab and apple wrapped in cucumber, crumbed fish and all manner of nibbles and other delicacies. Then it was inside to a sumptuous main course of magnificent salads, leg ham, chicken roll, two varieties of pastry encased rolls, prawns, pickled octopus, two varieties of home made bread etc etc etc.

During dinner the Christmas Tree was toasted and the hat was passed to gather donations, which this year will be given to a Ukrainian charity.

We had so many keen artists who had prepared items for our entertainment that the second game was put on hold so that the four items could proceed.

The remains of the dinner was cleared and Wendy assembled dessert delicacies which formed a Christmas tree and we enjoyed cream puffs, mini lemon cheesecakes, cherries, grapes, chocolate (all Christmas themed, of course), mini biscuits and gingerbreads, mince pies etc etc etc all finished off with generous sprinkles of gold and silver dust.

Thanks were extended by our President, Gavin, to Wendy and Allan (aka Christmas Crew) who had prepared the food during the day (and to Wendy for the many hours at home spent planning, buying ingredients and baking) and helpers on the night and to everyone who contributed to the entertainment.

A great night was had by all.

MELEE WINNERS ANNOUNCED – Summer and Autumn Competitions

The winners of the Summer and Autumn Melee Competitions were announced at Wednesday evening’s start to the next season’s competition. David received first prize in the Summer Competition, followed by Brett (Cheryl) second and Marilyn third. The Autumn winners were Van (first), Melissa (2nd) and Brett (3rd). Well done everyone.

The number of competitors was significantly down on the usual number, possibly due to the weather forecast, but we were lucky to only have a very short rain shower and the usual two games were able to be completed.

Thanks are due to Yvonne and Jacques for catering for us, with Dutch Pea and Ham soup, with croutons (a very hearty and delightfully tasty feast), followed by pancakes with strawberry sauce and ice cream. A wonderful winter menu……….and, to add to our feast, Melissa shared her birthday with us with a cheesecake for sharing. We all went home suitably nourished and due to do some extra steps!! Thanks also to anyone who assisted with running the Melee and/or with the kitchen clean up.


The Summer Melee kicked off this evening, with more than 30 participants and a delicious meal of a choice of a variety of Kransky sausages, with a vegetable medley in a hot dog roll. Thanks Allan for this and the ice cream for dessert.

The winners of the Spring competition were announced and first up was Megan, who came third, followed by Carol, second and Van took out the first prize. Well done.

Carol, Megan, Van and Allan

Winter 2020 Super Melee

Prospect Pétanque has commenced the Spring Super Melee but at the end of the first round, at centre stage was the winter Winner, Richard Huntley, with runner-up Alison Rock.

winter Super Melee 2020

They were presented with their awards for their top efforts in the Winter Super Melee by game organiser Martin Verdonk .
Well done to all those who braved the cold mid-winter nights.

Melee match for the 2017 winter season

The final Prospect Petanque Melee match for the 2017 winter season was played on Wednesday September 6.

Despite it being spring, the cold winter weather persisted, although brightened up by a full moon occasionally visible through the clouds. Almost twenty members enjoyed the night, including Tory and Lionel making a welcome return home from their international season.

Games for the Winter 2017 Super-Melee Final Round

Games for the Winter 2017 Super-Melee Final Round

Chef Alan served chicken schnitzel from the bbq, and John brought along a wonderful batch of scones that Heike had made for us. The results of the winter Melee will be announced at the first match of the new season on October 4. Alan suggests that there may be a crab feast that night, if conditions are favourable.

With great relish, Alan announced that he had successfully picked Melbourne to come 9th in the AFL draw. However, so had Wendy and David Palmer, and so the prize money was divided three ways. For the rest of us: better luck next time.

Winners of the AFL 2017 draw : David Palmer and Alan Matthews

Winners of the AFL 2017 draw : David Palmer and Alan Matthews


Latest Super Melee Season Winner

Congratulations to David Palmer for winning the latest super melee season –  again!