DECEMBER SATURDAY COMPETITION – and final results for the Laurie Anderson Trophy

Twenty five players (making $50 prize money) took part in December’s Saturday Competition today. After the two timed games, six players had the perfect score of 26 points. Two of them, Heike and Marty had won a previous competition, so their handicap had to be deducted from their score. That left a countback to be done for Jan, Richard H, Dee and Ha’s scores to determine the winner. Richard H and Dee both had 18 points scored against them, Jan had 14 points scored against her and Ha came out the winner with 12 points against her. So, Ha went home with very heavy pockets, weighed down by the prize money. Congratulations and well done Ha.

Then the winner of the Laurie Anderson Trophy had to be decided. During 2022 there have been 50 different players take part in the competition and Lee was the only player to have played every month. Before today’s games Melissa led the field with 210 points, followed by Michael with 200 points and Lee close behind with 196 points. Once today’s games were added, Melissa was the clear winner with 234 points, Michael second with 219 points and Lee third with 204 points and Laurie was in attendance to present the trophy.

CONGRATULATIONS Melissa and thank you to all participants during the years. Our next Saturday Competition will be on 21 January when all handicaps will have been deleted and everyone starts off with a clean slate.

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