Twenty eight triples teams battled out the third round of the Interclub Competition at Gawler in very hostile weather conditions. Fortunately, Gawler provided sufficient cover for players to get out of the rain, but the wind was difficult. At times we had beautiful sunshine, only to lose it with more poor weather. All teams battled through the five untimed games, three to 11 points before lunch and 2 to 13 points after lunch.

Novar Gardens’ team of Bruce, Giselle and Jon Luc took out first place, followed in second place by another Novar Gardens team of Christian Selina and Justin, with Prospect’s Ha, Gavin and Van coming in third.

Many thanks to Gawler for hosting the event and providing refreshments and to Anthony for looking after the draw and scoring. SAPL President, Stan Wilson, presented the prizes to the winning teams.

STATE DOUBLES COMPETITION – held at Prospect on 23 October

Sixty four players fought out the State Doubles Competition at Prospect in very poor weather, with rain falling for most of the day. Our new veranda was very much appreciated by those wanting to miss the weather.

Prospect was well represented when the winners were presented with their trophies following the games. Prospect’s player Ha teamed up with Selina of Novar Gardens and played out the final of the Women’s Doubles against Paula and Penny of FAB to take home the trophy. Congratulations Ha and Selina.

The Open Doubles final was another great game between Alexi (ESP) and Prospect’s Van against ESP’s Lionel & Raja. It was a tight tussle, with Lionel and Raja victorious and Alexi and Van being runners up.

Prospect’s Heike and John Whitehorn took out the Open Consolante competition and the Women’s Consolante was won by Judy (CPA) and Giselle (Novar Gardens).

The Convivial winners were Rob & Brian of Adelaide Hills.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the day, whether it be in preparation, running of the competition and/or catering or packing up. Many hands make light work.


Prospect players featured well in the list of winners in Sunday’s State Triples Competition, hosted by Club De Petanque d’Adelaide (Adelaide) on Sunday. Prospect’s Van Nguyen, partnered with Raja Jamaleddine and Lionel Chazal of ESP, took out the State Triples Championship in the Grand Final against Rada and Domenique Pierre and Kenny May, of Adelaide Club.

Another Prospect player, Michael Frodyma, partnered by Haejung Jang and Peter Masri, also of ESP, was Runner Up in the Consolante Division, while Prospect’s Han Nguyen, partnered with Jonathon Giddings and Selena Dally, of Novar Gardens won the Challenge Division.

Congratulations to all prize winners and many thanks must go to all who organised and contributed to the day, especially Anthony for looking after the results and the Adelaide crew for the beautiful three course meal they prepared and served.


It was exciting to see such a huge number of players turn out at Prospect Petanque Club today for the first competition of the new season of the South Australian Petanque League Interclub Competition. It was the 20th time the competition was held, a record in the Petanque world of the southern hemisphere. We were very fortunate with the weather with very little wind and just a few drops of rain towards the end of the day.

Thirty three triples teams battled it out in two pools for three untimed games before lunch, up to 11 points and a further two untimed games after lunch up to 13 points. Prospect’s team of Van, Ha and Gavin topped the morning competition and went on to take out the Silver Medal after playing the Gold Medal winners, Deb, Raja and Lionel of Eastern Suburbs Petanque (ESP). The Bronze Medals were won by Rada, Dom and Kenny of Club De Petanque d’Adelaide. Medals were presented by Stan Wilson, President of the South Australian Petanque League.

So, after just one round of the competition, top of the ladder is ESP with 48 points, followed by Prospect with 42 points and third is Club De Petanque d’Adelaide with 30 points.

Many thanks and congratulations are due to all of the Prospect members who assisted with the preparation, facilitation and clearing up for this event. Special thanks to those who managed the kitchen and delivered a three course meal to such a big crowd.

FINAL ROUND OF INTERCLUB COMPETITION 2021-2022 held at Novar Gardens Sunday 26 June – with Prospect the winners

The last round of the South Australian Petanque League was hosted by Novar Gardens Pétanque Club last Sunday 26 June. It was a tight tussle for the final positions with Gavin, Ha & Van of Prospect, 30 points, taking first place, with Kathy, Miriam & Roland (Novar Gardens), 24 points, coming in second while Judy, Giselle & Jean Luc (Novar Gardens) took third place with 21 points.

The top club for 2021-2022 in the SAPL Interclub Competition is Eastern Suburbs Petanque Club, who held a very strong position coming into this final round. Trophies were presented by SAPL’s President, Stan Wilson.

Many thanks to everyone at Novar Gardens Petanque Club for their hospitality and the efforts they put into making the event happen.

FIFTH INTERCLUB COMPETITION – Prospect Petanque Club – 29 May

Twenty nine Triples Teams fronted for today’s State League Interclub Competition at Prospect Petanque Club. The weather held out for us, with the first drops of rain falling as the final words of the presentation were being uttered, though we needed to turn the lights on and it was just after 5.00 pm! Not long now till the Winter Solstice, which Mr Google says will be at 6.43 pm on Tuesday 21 June.

An Eastern Suburbs Petanque (ESP) team, made up of Raja, Arwed and Craig took out the top honours and earned 30 points for their Club, followed by Gavin, Ha and Van of Prospect (24 points) and another ESP team of Ray, Lionel and Deb came in third (18 points).

Other Prospect teams to gain points were Janet, Michael and Martyn (15 points), Richard, David and David (12 points), Maureen, Richard and Kym (9 points) and Stan, Glennis and Jan (6 points), though only the top two scoring teams from each Club are counted in the League ladder.

The League ladder after today’s games is: (1) ESP – 147, (2) Prospect – 126, (equal 3rd) Adelaide Hills and Club de Petanque Adelaide. The sixth, and final, competition for the current League calendar will be held at Novar Gardens on 26 June.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the day, whether it was in preparation, running of the event or packing up.

SAPL STATE MIXED DOUBLES COMPETITION played at Adelaide on Sunday 1 May

SAPL State Mixed Doubles was hosted by the Adelaide Club in wonderful weather, with 25 teams taking part in the competition.

Three games were played in the morning and the results determined what Division the players would contest in the afternoon. In the Grand Final of the Principale Division, Rada & Dominique Pierre played Deb Rodda & Raja Jamaleddine, with Rada & Dom winning the title of 2022 State Mixed Doubles Champions. Alexi Alexi & Selina Dally won the Consolante Division, while the Knock Out challenge was won by Dirk Seret & Colleen Holy. Janet Jenkins & Michael Frodyma (of Prospect) won the Convivial.

Well done Club De Petanque D’Adelaide for hosting the Competition and many thanks to all those who contributed to the catering and organisation, and special thanks to raffles.


Van Nguyen scored 33 points this morning at Novar Gardens Petanque club  in the qualifying session for the National Competition and will be SA’s representative in the upcoming National Shooting Competition.  Well done Van.

SAs  representative in the Women’s National competition  will be Haejung, a frequent visitor to Prospect. Haejung scored 34 points this morning.

Many thanks to the organisers of the qualifying session and to the umpires.

A great competition coming up at Easter.


Congratulations to Van Nguyen, who won today’s State Men’s Singles Title from Arwed Turon (13-7), and to Melissa Scott, who took out the State Women’s Singles Title against Giselle Whiteaker. Melissa made it back-to-back Titles, having won the competition in 2021. A wonderful effort, Melissa.

Melissa took a 6-0 lead from Giselle who came back for the next three ends, until Melissa took control again and took out the game 13-7.

Another finalist for Prospect was Gavin Scott who was Runner Up in the Consolante division.

A great day for Prospect.

INTERCLUB ROUND 3 hosted by Gawler Petanque Club

We had a touch of summer today for the third round of the Interclub competition, with 22 teams vying for points for their Club.

Prospect was represented by three teams comprising Janet, Michael and Marty, Brett, Allan S and David and Stan, Glenis and Jan. Kym was also there making up the numbers for an Adelaide Hills team, with Prospect to share any points gained in the final rankings.

After finishing at the top of the ladder after the three pre-lunch games, Janet, Michael and Marty went on to second place in the overall competition, winning 24 points for Prospect in the competition. Club de Petanque Adelaide, represented by Tina, Jean-Paul and Louis were the overall winners and 30 points went CPA’s way. Prospect also scored 3 points by Kym’s participation with his Adelaide Hills teammates, who finished 16th in the final rankings.

Thank you to Gawler for a wonderful day, with a great lunch of leg ham, chicken and fresh salads, and plenty of shade which was very much appreciated by those of us who were taken by surprise by the very warm conditions after the cool days we have been having.