FIFTH INTERCLUB COMPETITION – Prospect Petanque Club – 29 May

Twenty nine Triples Teams fronted for today’s State League Interclub Competition at Prospect Petanque Club. The weather held out for us, with the first drops of rain falling as the final words of the presentation were being uttered, though we needed to turn the lights on and it was just after 5.00 pm! Not long now till the Winter Solstice, which Mr Google says will be at 6.43 pm on Tuesday 21 June.

An Eastern Suburbs Petanque (ESP) team, made up of Raja, Arwed and Craig took out the top honours and earned 30 points for their Club, followed by Gavin, Ha and Van of Prospect (24 points) and another ESP team of Ray, Lionel and Deb came in third (18 points).

Other Prospect teams to gain points were Janet, Michael and Martyn (15 points), Richard, David and David (12 points), Maureen, Richard and Kym (9 points) and Stan, Glennis and Jan (6 points), though only the top two scoring teams from each Club are counted in the League ladder.

The League ladder after today’s games is: (1) ESP – 147, (2) Prospect – 126, (equal 3rd) Adelaide Hills and Club de Petanque Adelaide. The sixth, and final, competition for the current League calendar will be held at Novar Gardens on 26 June.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the day, whether it was in preparation, running of the event or packing up.

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