MAY SATURDAY COMPETITION played in perfect weather

Many thanks to Robert and anyone who assisted him with Saturday’s Competition. A great turnout of players, with 26 competing to make a take home prize pool of $52. Four previous 2022 winners each had a handicap of one point and three of these players were part of the competition.

At the end of two doubles games, there were three players with the perfect score of 26 – Peter, Dee (regular visitors from ESP), Van and Ha – Van’s score was reduced by 1 point as a previous winner, so a count back was required to decide the winner from Peter, Dee and Ha . Dee had 10 points scored against her, Ha 9 points and the ultimate winner, with heavy pockets on the way home, was Peter who had 8 points scored against him in the two games. Congratulations, Peter.

Thanks to all players for supporting the Competition and making it so much fun. The next Saturday Competition, with no Election (that I know of!), will be held on 18 June. See you there.

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