PRESTIGE CUP – Sunday 14 August

Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving of Main North Road, Nailsworth again sponsored today’s Prestige Cup, for the 26th successive year. The Club is very grateful for this continued support.

The weather did not turn out to be quite as bad as was envisaged early in the day, which allowed the three timed games before lunch to be played in the dry. These games determined who would play in the Principal, Consolante, Convivial and Friendly division Semi and Grand Finals after lunch.

The teams in the Principal division were Marty and Richard, Haejung and Peter, Ray and Pierre and Giselle and Jean Luc, and it was Haejung and Peter who took the trophies home after defeating Giselle and Jean Luc in the Principal Final.

The Consolante division comprised Ha and Van, Sandy and Judith, Judy and Roland and Ernie and Wayne, with Ha and Van being awarded the prize, having defeated Judy and Roland 13-6 in the Grand Final.

Players in the Convivial Semi-Finals were Rada and Domenique, Kym and Allan, David and Dave and Heike and John, and it was Rada and Domenique who won the Grand Final from Heike and John 13-9.

The fourth division was won by Janet and Michael who defeated Miriam and Kathy 13-3 in the Grand Final.

Prizes were also awarded for the Best Performing Women’s team and Best Performing Mixed team (for players who had not won in the top division) and Miriam and Kathy took out the Women’s prize and Janet and Michael were the Mixed team winners.

A good day of friendly competition, and many thanks go to the Club members who assisted with the preparation, conduct and cleaning up as the day could not have been held without their assistance and to Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving for the medals and beautiful engraved glassware that they supplied.

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