A BIG DAY AT PROSPECT PETANQUE – including the March Saturday Competition and a Walkabout Prospect and Dinner

A record 29 players competed in this month’s Saturday Competition, which included five visitors. At $2/player entry fee, that made a prize pool of $58. Three players finished with the perfect score of 26 – Robyn, John and Van – so a count back was again needed this month to decide the winner. John had 11 points scored against him, Robyn 9 points and Van’s opponents did not score any points – so it was Van who went home with heavy pockets. We now have three members with a one point handicap – Michael, Kevin and Van, so their overall scores next month will be reduced by one point. A great competition in great weather conditions, if you could manage to get in the shade!!

Our April Saturday Competition will be held on 16 April, commencing at 3.00 pm with registrations by 2.55 pm.

Van – our March 2022 Saturday Competition Winner

Seventeen members stayed on to participate in the Walkabout Prospect – a walking version of the car rallies that were so popular in the 1970s. Everyone set out enthusiastically with their question sheets and pens, looking for answers to 21 questions. One member returned very happy that she had learned some interesting facts about the area during her walk. A family were using the BBQ in the playground next door, to find themselves visited by 17 PPC members looking for the answer to the question “How can you get assistance if the electric BBQ is faulty?” The winner of the Walkabout Prospect was Jacques with 18 questions out of 21 correct, followed by Kym with 17.5 out of 21 and Julia, a visitor, took out the prize for the first home.

Iced water was available for the returning walkers and a Road Signs Quiz was distributed once people had caught their breath. There were 9 signs to recognise and interpret and some of the results of the quiz indicated there is room for some revision!! Dinner comprised Quiche, chips and salad, followed by Fruit Salad and Ice Cream.

Many thanks to everyone for making the day so successful.

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