2022 COMMITTEE CUP – A great day was had by all!

Twenty five teams took up the challenge of this year’s doubles Committee Cup at Prospect Petanque Club. Three timed games were played before lunch, with players divided into Principale, Consolante and Convivial for the post lunch finals.

The players to make the grade to participate in the Principale finals were Selina and Craig, Alain and Jean Paul, Peter and Haejung, Deb and Anna, Rada and Domenic, Ray and Lionel, Jean-Luc and Van and Gavin. The team taking home the beautifully inscribed wine glasses, medals and wine were Alain and Jean Paul, from Adelaide Club after an excellent final against Van and Gavin.

The semi-finalists in the Consolante group were Melissa and Janet, Roland and Iliano, Peter and Sue and Bruce and David, with Bruce and David taking the Final from Melissa and Janet.

The semi-finalists in the Convivial group were Miriam and Kathy, Richard and Dee, Judith and Sandy and Jean and Kenny, with Jean and Kenny being the victors in this group.

The prize for the highest achieving women’s team went to Deb and Anna and the best performing couple were Peter and Haejung.

Thank you to all players for joining in the day, and to Club members who assisted with the set up, organisation and running of the competition and packing up and who looked after the bar and food. It couldn’t happen without you.

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