The South Australian Petanque League State Doubles Championships were hosted at Prospect today. The weather was wonderful, with full sunshine and a light breeze.

Seventy two players were involved in the competition, which was divided into Open A, Open B and Women’s for the four preliminary games which were all timed games. The ensuing games were untimed, now divided into the Open competition and Consolante and Convivial for the men’s and mixed teams and one division for the Women’s competition.

The Open doubles was won by Maurice & Alexi in a tight tussle against Van and Gavin 13/12, with the win coming from a 12 all tie. The Open Consolante was won by Melissa Scott & Allan Sanderson, again from a 12 all tie. The Women’s doubles was won by Giselle & Judy Whiteaker, runners up were Rada Pierre & Tina Stockley. Women’s Consolante winners were Anna O’Connor & Tory McBride. The Open Convivial was won by Ray Drummond & Gary Hosie. Trophies and prizes were presented by the SAPL President, Stan Wilson.

It was great to have so many spectators for the final games, which were played well after 7.00 pm after a 9.30 am start to the day’s competition. A wonderful distraction to the competition were the families in Halloween costumes in the street and the adjoining park, which had hundreds of celebrating visitors during the day.

Well done, Prospect, for hosting this event and thanks to all who contributed to the day.

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