Ann took out today’s Saturday Competition with a score of 26, to become our 13th winner since the competition commenced in February this year. David also scored 26 points but has a handicap of 1 that had to be deducted from his score. Following Ann and David were Allan S with 22 points and Marilyn and Richard V with 21 points. There were 22 players, so Ann took home a healthy prize pool of $44.

Our final 2021 Saturday Competition will be held on 18 December, at 3.00 pm and the winner of the “Saturday Cup” (donated by Laurie some years ago) will be decided then. The player with the most points, disregarding handicaps, from all competitions they have entered will have their name on the Cup – of course, it will help to have attended all of the monthly competitions!! At the moment, there is only one point separating two players for this honour. All will be decided on 18 December.

Stan and Glenis set up some coaching tasks for us following the Competition and this week we were endeavouring to get closer to the cochonnet than an opposition’s boule without going past the dead ball line. The cochonnet was only about 20 cm from the line, so not an easy shot. Once this task was mastered, we moved on to shoot at two boules in a circle, from various lengths, to see if we could take both boules out of the circle. Both great exercises which we would not attempt if it were not for the coaching session. Thank you, Stan and Glenis, for some fun and taxing exercises.

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