SATURDAY COMPETITION – this coming Saturday 21 August – 3.00 pm – preceded by COACHING from 2.30 pm – 3.00 pm.

The August Saturday Competition will be held this coming Saturday, 21 August at 3.00 pm, with registrations by 2.55 pm, please. $2 to enter and the winner takes it all. We play two doubles games, with teams drawn from a bucket.

Previous winners, who all have a handicap of 1 point to be taken off their total score, are Alison, Marilyn, Allan S, Robert, Robyn, David, Van and Ha.

COACHING will be available prior to the Competition, from 2.30 pm. Gavin will work with experienced players and Stan and Glennis will be covering Pointing with beginners or anyone who wants to review this aspect of the game.

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