There are several types of competition either run by Prospect Petanque or in which we compete.

Competitions take place regularly, at this and other Clubs most often on a Sunday. (see Calendar for details).

Most events are open to all and attract up to 100 players. Trophies and prizes are usually given for competition winners, runners-up and consolante winners.

  • Club Competitions 
    These are competitions usually run by one of our sponsors, where members of Prospect Petanque compete against each other in a convivial atmosphere.
    Some Club Competition days are open to non-members, members of other South Australian petanque Clubs and members of other state Clubs as well…
    Some competitions are restricted to members holding a Club or ‘National’ Petanque Federation Australia (PFA)   licences.


  • South Australia Petanque League
    Prospect Petanque Inc. is a member of the South Australian Petanque League (SAPL). PFA licenced members may compete in the following SAPL competitions within SA.

    • Interclub competition   (6 rounds)
    • State Singles
    • State Doubles
    • State Triples
    • State Mixed Doubles


  • National Competitions
    Prospect Petanque Inc. is a member of Petanque Federation Australia (PFA). Registered players are eligible to take part in the following competitions. A selection process is applied for all but the Easter Open.

    • PFA International Easter Open
    • PFA National SUPER 4


  • International Competitions


  • Australian Masters Games (AMG)

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