Currently President of the Prospect Petanque Club in Adelaide South Australia. Registered member of the Club 21 years, and a committee member for 21 years filling the role of President 7 years, Secretary 3 years, Treasurer 2 years. Age 71 years.

Vale Mike Mulvihill

We are deeply saddened to have to let you know that Mike Mulvihill passed away on Wednesday 7 February.

Please remember Mike for the great things he did for Petanque in SA, especially as Founder the Prospect Club and for the SA State League in its early days, also his many team representations for SA and Australia on the International scene.

To all who knew Mike he was a genuine good bloke who would go out of his way for you.especially if you were a Crows fan.

Our Sport in SA has lost one of its dedicated enthusiasts and a pioneer of many of the things we do today in our great game.

Remember Mike.

Allan Sanderson

President Prospect Petanque Club


Pierre Cup 2017

Prospect had a great day at the Pierre Cup at the Club De Petanque Adelaide on the 12 November, Dave Ward with former Club member Jean Philippe Guglielmi won the prestigious Pierre Cup from Prospect members Alan Matthews and Wendy Dewis, their effort to reach the final was meritorious being Wendy’s first Cup final.

Club President Allan Sanderson with Club Vice President Brett Williams won the Consolante..Brett is missing from the photo due to an early commitment.



Great work done by Rada and Dominique Pierre and their support team for a great day.


Prospect Spring Fair

Prospect Petanque was invited to take part in the Come and Try at the Prospect Spring Fair. This year, on October 28, the Fair was held at the Broadview Oval. The larger venue than in the past, and the fine weather, made it a very pleasant day.

When he stopped by for a chat, we complimented Prospect Mayor David  O’Loughlin on the success of the Fair.

We had an hour slot at midday to demonstrate our game, which although on grass, worked well enough for the purpose. While we did not attract an overwhelming number of participants, the two lads in the photo spent a lot of time and showed keen interest. We were represented by President Allan, Marty, Janet and Mike, Richard, Geoff, David (Wilson), Denise (McCann), Mike (Mulvihill) and myself (Kym).


Prospect Petanque Club at the Prospect Spring Fair

Prospect Petanque Club at the Prospect Spring Fair

Melbourne Cup Lunch

Melbourne Cup Lunch at the Club is becoming quiet a tradition, this year 25 Members joined together for an enjoyable lunch.

Club ‘Bookie”.Carol Pascoe managed the Sweeps and organised the Prospect Club Melbourne Cup Race across the front veranda of the club running involved just ‘skipping’ along to the lucky numbers drawn..the winner was..Jenny Rossiter, she also had the best hat..


Carol Pascoe and Jenny Rossiter

Carol Pascoe and Jenny Rossiter


Please note in the left foreground of the table photo…Lucky Marty Verdonk checking his sweep horses..and.. he won ‘the big $2.00 sweep’.


Melbourne Cup Lunch 2017

Melbourne Cup Lunch

Prospect Sixer Competition 2017

The popular Sixer Side event has been staged by our Club for the past 4 years, this year there were 6 Teams 3 of those were from our Club the most we have played in the 4 years.

This event offers players a Team approach to Petanque (they workout a Team Name eg, PisteAnts, Odds ‘N’ Sods, Thorns ‘N’ Roses Internationals, BouleBusters, and Prospectors, with each team playing 5 x 1 hour games and using a mix of Singles, Doubles and Triples games, in these games we have mixed Male/Female Teams and Same Sex teams in a variety of combinations.

Most players enjoy the concept, the Team Spirit it generates and the variety of matches played is more fun them a usual Cup.

The winners again for the third year in a row were BouleBusters a team from the Eastern Suburbs Club with the Prospect Prospectors finishing in second place.

Special thanks to Brett and Sue Williams for, Umpiring(Brett), and managing a hectic score desk ( Sue), also on hand were Kym Wilson (managing the bar and food help), Carol Pascoe Food help and Raffle) and Hieke Whitehorn for supplying food and help with serving.

Also to Trevor Palmer and Michael Fordmya for setting up the tables and chairs and many other tasksand Janet Jenkin for keeping track of the money in and out…and anyone else I’ve missed for helping out on the day.

This special event went really well for our Club.


The 4 Seasons Cup – Spring

Prospect introduced a new approach to Saturday Night Petanque with the 4 Seasons Cup series to played with 1 Cup for each of our 4 Seasons, points are added for each of the 4 Cups with the winning team receiving 10 points, 7 points for the runner up then 4 points for third with fourth and fifth 2 points each.

Players are encouraged to play all events with a $100.00 prize to the winning team overall. A cash prize of $35.00 to each player of the winning team per Cup is also awarded.

The Spring Cup was held on 21 October and 10 Teams participated.

The winners for the Spring cup were Allan Sanderson Prospect,with Selina Dally from Eastern Suburbs.

Winners for the Spring Cup 2017, Allan Sanderson (Prospect),with Selina Dally

Allan Sanderson (Prospect),with Selina Dally

The runners up were Sukrit Vaswani and Nick Armstrong from the Eastern Suburbs Club.

Sukrit Vaswani and Nick Armstrong , runners-up for the Spring Cup 2017

Sukrit Vaswani and Nick Armstrong

The next Cup in the Series is the Summer Cup on 13 January.


Prospect at the Christos Cup

About a dozen Prospect Club members enjoyed the picnic style atmosphere of the popular Christos Cup at the FAB Piste on Rundle road in the City. There were nearly 60 players from most of the Clubs around Adelaide joining in with the FAB Club for this special event for them.


Prospect members at Christos Cup

Prospect at Christos Cup

Prospect had success through Dave Ward with former Prospect member Jean Phillippe Gugilemi and there third player Terry Hall from Fab.

It was a great final with a 13/12 scoreline over a strong team from the Club de Petanque D’Adelaide.


Trebes Trophy

Last Sunday 10 September,  Allan Sanderson with Brett Williams and Tony Stojsic (From the Adelaide Club) won the Trebes Trophy in the City at FAB Petanque Club.

Trebes Cup 2017 winners

Trebes Cup 2017

The Trebes Trophy is a unique event where the Men and Women play separate qualifying games, five of (5) including semi final and  grand finals for Men and Women, then the winning Men’s and Women’s teams play off for the Trophy, some wine and a few $s cash.

After a tough battle the Women’s team were leading 12/9 needing just one more point for victory, but the Men’s team prevailed with a bit of luck and skill in playing the right shots were able to take the victory, and make it two years in a row at winning this prestigious event on the SAPL Calendar.

Special thanks to Terry and The FAB team for a well organised day.


Men At Work

Special thanks to Trevor Palmer, Marty Verdonk, Michael Frodyma and Brett Williams for taking on the task to ‘tidy up’ the Sound System cabling on the Northern Wall of the Club Rooms.

This effort certainly enhances the presentation of our Clubrooms for Petanque Special Occasions and Hire Functions.

Well done team.

Brett, Mickael, Trevor and Marty at work

Brett, Mickael, Trevor and Marty at work



Melee match for the 2017 winter season

The final Prospect Petanque Melee match for the 2017 winter season was played on Wednesday September 6.

Despite it being spring, the cold winter weather persisted, although brightened up by a full moon occasionally visible through the clouds. Almost twenty members enjoyed the night, including Tory and Lionel making a welcome return home from their international season.

Games for the Winter 2017 Super-Melee Final Round

Games for the Winter 2017 Super-Melee Final Round

Chef Alan served chicken schnitzel from the bbq, and John brought along a wonderful batch of scones that Heike had made for us. The results of the winter Melee will be announced at the first match of the new season on October 4. Alan suggests that there may be a crab feast that night, if conditions are favourable.

With great relish, Alan announced that he had successfully picked Melbourne to come 9th in the AFL draw. However, so had Wendy and David Palmer, and so the prize money was divided three ways. For the rest of us: better luck next time.

Winners of the AFL 2017 draw : David Palmer and Alan Matthews

Winners of the AFL 2017 draw : David Palmer and Alan Matthews