Gavin concentrated on assisting players to get height into their throws during today’s coaching session, while giving feedback as members sent their boules over their choice of height in an attempt to get into the circle. Both experienced and relatively new players benefitted from this exercise. Many thanks, Gavin. Gavin will continue to offer assistance to players when he is at the Club and it is requested by members.

Glenis and Stan are pleased to offer coaching courses on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm on the 1st Saturday and after the Saturday Competition until 5.00 pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month. These fixed coaching events do not preclude casual coaching as and when necessary.

Join in the fun and see how your game can be improved. The pistes are still available for games for those not participating in the coaching.


Ian took out the October Saturday Competition, from 18 other players. Ian and Melissa both scored 13 points in both games, however, Melissa had a handicap of 1 point giving the bootie to Ian. Next on the scoreboard were Denise, Janet, and Van with 23 points and David and Jacques with 22. A good competition in perfect weather.

The day was topped off with some coaching from Gavin when the emphasis was shooting with boules clearing various heights and getting spin on the boule. Stan and Glenis will continue their coaching on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 2.30 pm to 3.15 pm on the first Saturday and 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm on the third Saturday.

The November Saturday Competition will be held on 20 November.


Laurie Anderson, a long time member who recently celebrated his 90th birthday at the Club, brought along an article from the National COTA News, December 2000 of which he is the author. In that article Laurie wrote:

Petanque, generally regarded as being as French as the Eiffel Tower, may in fact have evolved from an Egyptian ball game. Archaeologists involved in a recent dig in Egypt discovered evidence in the sarcophagus of a prince who lived several centuries before Christ, of a game that resembled Petanque.

It is generally accepted that the modern version of the game originated in the South of France, in a village called Ciotat near Marseilles in the early 1900s.

Ernest Pitiot is credited with having adapted the throwing action of an earlier form of the game to suit a disabled friend who was finding it difficult to play.

What do you think???


Shooting was continued in today’s Coaching when Stan and Glenis set up challenges for us hoping to improve our form. The first challenge was to see how many shots it took to get seven boules out of the triangle, over long and short distances. We then moved to shooting one boule from a circle, without interfering with a second boule and lastly we aimed to shoot the cochinet out of the circle. A great session, Stan and Glenis, and we thank you.

OKTOBERFEST QUIZ NIGHT – Won by Denise Mc’s team

We had five tables of competitors for our 2021 Quiz Night, calling themselves Horse with No Name, Brainiacs, Secret 7, Google Less, and Universally Challenged. Teams worked their way through five rounds of ten questions covering Proverbs/Sayings (all teams scored 10/10!!!), Geography, Arts, Sports and finishing with a Mixed Bag. Also thrown in by Quizmaster, Jan, was a set of Wordwheels and Scrambled Words where teams could win bonus points for being the fastest and most accurate to submit completed answer sheets. Supper time was not a time to slacken off as teams had 25 business logos to identify.

The Secret 7 team on table 3 were the overall winners, scoring 59.5 points and Brainiacs (Table 2) and Google Less (Table 4) tied for second place. There were only 3 points difference in the scores of the winners and the fifth team, so well done to all.

Special thanks to our President, Allan, and Vice President, Brett, for their help on the bar and with dishes and at one stage they had to step in to adjudicate some results. Thanks also to those who helped to distribute supper.

Thank you also to our attendees for being so willing to participate and add to the evening.


Prospect had seven teams participating in Sunday’s Interclub Triples competition, with Van, Gavin and Melissa coming in second in the final results.

During the day Van was presented with the South Australia Petanque League Best New Player award from last season.


We recently lost one of our Founding Members, Sue Williams, and remembered her, with love and thanks for her contribution over the past 25 years, on Saturday 25 September.

Sue, with her husband Brett, gave outstanding service right up to the last month of her life. We are indebted to her as a quality player and manager in South Australian and National Petanque teams, club photographer, and fundraiser in the club’s early days. She will be fondly remembered for giving so much of herself to our club and will remain forever in our hearts and memories.


Twenty players contested today’s Saturday Competition, with five players – Ha, Van, Melissa, Allan and Richard V – scoring the perfect 26 over the two games. Three of these players had a one point handicap, after having won an earlier competition, which left Melissa and Richard V to share the prize money. A great competition in wonderful weather. Thank you to all participants.

It was announced today that the Laurie Anderson Cup would be awarded at the end of the year to the player with the highest score over all competitions, disregarding handicaps. Laurie very kindly donated a beautiful trophy some years ago and it was awarded to three players and then lapsed. Currently there are seven players with cumulative scores in excess of 100 points and we have three months of the competition yet to be completed. So mark the third Saturday of the month into your diary and keep competing to add to your cumulative score.

Joint Winners – Richard V and Melissa