Mondial La Marseillaise A Petanque

Semifinal on the central court at Vieux Port

Semifinal 2006 on the central court at Vieux Port (Author: Schildt)

In July 2017, we (Lionel Pujol, Tony Stojsic and I) participated in the biggest international petanque competition in the world: Le  Mondial La Marseillaise à Pétanque. Held in Marseille over 5 days every July, anyone can come and play. Last year the numbers were slightly down – only about 4,700 teams participated (!!). When you lose a game, you’re out.

Even so, the organisers still had to find pistes for some 2,350 matches in the first round. We played in the carpark of a soccer stadium about 25 minutes north of the centre of Marseille (shuttle buses took us – great atmosphere on the buses) with 94 other matches going on at the same time. Our “piste” N° 95 was rocky, sloping, and more or less triangular, and had a metal manhole cover in the middle of it which made a loud bonging sound when a boule bounced on it. You live with it – that’s pétanque.

We won our first match which was a huge high, then were trounced in the second. It didn’t matter – we had no illusions about our chances: even at local club level, the quality of play is much higher over there – we were at La Marseillaise and the atmosphere was terrific. There was loud rock music, pastis, beer and other beverages flowing freely, plenty of merguez in baguettes (trans.: sausage sandwiches, but REALLY good ones), matches being played on every available surface, tens of thousands of people, great camaraderie. It was a huge fabulous celebration and all of us were there thanks to pétanque.

Tory McBride  (Prospect Petanque Club)

Denise Steinborn

Denise Steinborn

Denise Steinborn

Hello to all, my name is Denise Steinborn, I have been a member of the Prospect Petanque Club for several years, being introduced to the game by a friend of mine.

Prior to joining the Club I worked for the Airlines namely TAA, Australian Airlines and lastly in my career for Qantas in the capacity of sales consultancy…40 years in all..

These days I’m still involved in the Travel Industry I now escort groups of people travelling Overseas and Domestically for a travel Agent in the City.

If you don’t see around the Club for a couple of weeks you can be sure I’m off playing Tour Guide somewhere on the’s tough but someone got to do it…

I enjoy our Petanque game very much and the challenges it brings, you never know what the Boule is going to present when you play it…hero one shot, zero next shot.

We play socially and competitively against ourselves and other Clubs, it’s really great to play other Clubs, they have some really strong players which helps me improve my game.

Our Club is lovely with our Rose gardens and general happy atmosphere, it is readily enjoyed by others and lends itself to all types of functions…weddings, engagement parties, birthdays and christenings, this brings a lot of local people into our Club some come back and really enjoy the game and the environment.

When we host competitions everyone has a good time as we “turn it on’.

We have  jolly lot of members and the atmosphere is great to be part of.

I’m Proud of our club..we serve good wines too!!!!

See you around the Club soon.