The 4 Seasons Cup – Spring

Prospect introduced a new approach to Saturday Night Petanque with the 4 Seasons Cup series to played with 1 Cup for each of our 4 Seasons, points are added for each of the 4 Cups with the winning team receiving 10 points, 7 points for the runner up then 4 points for third with fourth and fifth 2 points each.

Players are encouraged to play all events with a $100.00 prize to the winning team overall. A cash prize of $35.00 to each player of the winning team per Cup is also awarded.

The Spring Cup was held on 21 October and 10 Teams participated.

The winners for the Spring cup were Allan Sanderson Prospect,with Selina Dally from Eastern Suburbs.

Winners for the Spring Cup 2017, Allan Sanderson (Prospect),with Selina Dally

Allan Sanderson (Prospect),with Selina Dally

The runners up were Sukrit Vaswani and Nick Armstrong from the Eastern Suburbs Club.

Sukrit Vaswani and Nick Armstrong , runners-up for the Spring Cup 2017

Sukrit Vaswani and Nick Armstrong

The next Cup in the Series is the Summer Cup on 13 January.


Prospect at the Christos Cup

About a dozen Prospect Club members enjoyed the picnic style atmosphere of the popular Christos Cup at the FAB Piste on Rundle road in the City. There were nearly 60 players from most of the Clubs around Adelaide joining in with the FAB Club for this special event for them.


Prospect members at Christos Cup

Prospect at Christos Cup

Prospect had success through Dave Ward with former Prospect member Jean Phillippe Gugilemi and there third player Terry Hall from Fab.

It was a great final with a 13/12 scoreline over a strong team from the Club de Petanque D’Adelaide.